About Us KGMC Logistics is a leader in supply chain solutions with over 120 locations across 28 countries providing individual services that address our client's logistics challenges.

Our international logistics solutions create strategic value and a competitive edge for our global customers.

Our business is based on our value proposition to our clients which focuses on Technology, Service and People. Our in-house technology systems create visibility across the supply chain, our service is best-in-class providing logistics solutions to our client’s international logistics challenges and we provide a challenging and rewarding work environment for our greatest asset, our own employees.

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Chichester, England, KPMC Logistics is a leader in supply chain solutions with 120 locations across 28 countries. Our culture and philosophy is to always address our client’s logistics challenges with a partnership approach, utilizing the key concepts of ‘The KGMC Way’ to provide air freight, ocean freight and logistics solutions that will improve our client’s operations now and in the future, so they can focus on their core business.

As your logistics provider, we will work with you to implement a revised logistics strategy utilizing the latest technology. Our project logistics expertise spans the globe creating valuable solutions for breakbulk and OOG shipments for our clients.


Our goal is to add value to our client’s operations at every step of the supply chain process. Our value proposition is core to our mission in becoming the client advocate


Our leadership are dedicated to putting our clients first, creating innovative global transportation and logistics services that are efficiently and cost-effectively addressing our client’s challenges now and in the future.


The KGMC Way is an integral part of our organization’s culture. The KGMC Way highlights six tenets that drive our business on a day to day business


Todays global supply chain is a risky place with evolving security threats and the regulatory programs that address only some of those concerns.


Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment are at he forefront of our activities at KGMC Logistics


International rules and regulations for international trade change daily and KGMC Logistics provides both experience and expertise to ensure a smooth journey through the complexities of UK , and international government agencies.

Why Choose Us? Find reasons to choose us as your freight partner


We place premium value on your goods. With us your goods are insured against any uncertainty


We belong the Cross Trades, World Cargo Alliance(WCA) family amongst other global networks, and have access to over 6,253 member offices in 793 cities and ports spanning 189 countries across the world.


KGMC Shipping clears our cherished clients’ cargo within 3-5 working days upon receiving documentation and arrival of goods


Our door-to-door ocean transportation service, as well as our purchase order management and consolidation/deconsolidation methods, are all conducted with high service levels without a contractual obligation.